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Den 19 september släpper vi våra Les Mills releaser tillsammans med resten av världen. Vi firar det med ett Les Mills-Party i 4 timmar. Gå på ditt favorit pass men passa även på att prova något du aldrig gått på. Vi ser fram emot en rolig Les mills förmiddag tillsammans med er.


08:30 CxWorx 30 med Josefin & Therese
09:05 Body Pump 45 med Therese
10:00 Body Attack 30 med Sara.P
10:35 Les Mills TONE 30 med Maria & Camilla
11:10 Sh´Bam 30 med Camilla & Marie
11.:45 Grit Strenght 30 med Denice och Sara.P
11:45 Body Balande 75 (med teknikgenomgång) med Camilla, Josefin & Sara.F

Alla platserna släpps 18/9 8.30

By Emma Hogan for Fit Planet

What is World United?

World United is a global event to celebrate fitness, recognize its importance to our physical and mental health, and support clubs, Instructors and exercise lovers as gyms reopen and we resume our favored fitness habits.

The celebrations will kick off from Saturday 19 September 2020 with a synchronized global launch of live and online fitness events involving tens of thousands of fitness facilities and trainers worldwide. It is during these launch events that you will get to experience the phenomenal new Les Mills United workouts.

Filmed during lockdown by 400 of the world’s top Instructors across 48 different countries, these exclusive workouts provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the talents of Les Mills Instructors across the globe. The final workouts – which feature shots from the desert, Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower and many more iconic locations – will be distributed to the 140,000-strong Les Mills Instructor network, so Instructors can learn the new workouts and teach them at your local club. 

“This is the most iconic and exciting series of releases we’ve created,” says Phillip Mills, Les Mills Executive Director. “There’s a special level of inspiration and humanity – these releases are all about bringing people together and making them feel better.”

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